Uhtua Design is the new Kelo deadwood furniture and interieur collection by Huliswood (Ltd.) of Karstula, Finland. Huliswood has many years of experience with using Kelo as a building material. Now Kelo wood is even further processed, making it an apt choice in interieur design or for sauna walls. The "Uhtua Design" product family includes furniture, saunas, hot tubs, and wall panels. The name of the product line originates from the Karelian village Uhtua.

Kelo is a high-quality wood from polar pine that has naturally dried out. The bark-free wood has a gray surface and reddish heartwood. In the north, tree growth stops after 300-400 years. The transformation process to Kelo wood then lasts several decades, after which the tree can remain standing for hundreds of years.